About Us

We decided that the nation needed help with their finances. We know that now, more than ever, there are lots of people really struggling. We can see that people are on lower pay and many are out f work and there is always the threat of rising prices in the distance. It can be a scary time, but we know that there are often things that can be done to help. This is why we have put together this website. We have collated information that we feel will help as many people as possible to improve their financial situation and feel better off. We know that this is a big ask and that there are a lot of people that feel things are hopeless. However, we believe that there is hope for everyone and with a bit of information, there will be changes that everyone can make that will help them to feel better about their situation and more hopeful that they will be able to make changes that will improve things. We do not expect huge changes to start with but hope that if people have a go at making small changes, they will see that their actions can make a difference which will hopefully help them to feel more in control and more able to make more changes in the future as well.